General Requirements To Look For When You Check Your Degree Audit

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Ask yourself the following questions to assess if you are on track to meet your graduation goal:

1. Have I completed all College of Business core courses with a C- or better the semester I plan to take MGT 301?  (You must complete all business core courses with a C- or better
    before you can register for MGT 301, and MGT 301 is required for graduation. These prerequisites will not be waived.)
2. Have I achieved the following non-business requirements?

· 33 credits of non-business electives?

· 6 credits in Humanities?

· 6 credits in Social Sciences?

· 3 credits in Natural Sciences?

3. Have I completed my diversity and global requirements?

4. Am I on track to complete my major course prerequisites and my major course requirements?

5. Do I have the 2.0 overall GPA and 2.0 major GPA necessary to graduate?

6. Do I have enough free elective credit to get the 124 total credits I need to graduate?

                    Free elective credits make up the difference between requirements you must fulfill and the 124 total credits required for your degree.
                    The number of free elective credits can vary by major:

                    · Accounting, 21 credits requires 1 free credit

                    · Business Information Systems, 18 credits requires 4 free credits

                    · Economics, 18 credits requires 4 free credits

                    · Finance, 21-23 credits requires between 0-1 free credit

                    · Management, 15 credits requires 7 free credits

                    · Marketing, 18 credits requires 4 free credits

                    · Supply Chain Management, 18 credits requires 4 free credits

7. Check to be sure you are on track to fulfill the Lehigh residency requirement, particularly if you are a student who transferred to Lehigh from another institution.

NOTE:  The maximum number of credits for which you can register each term is 18.  If you feel that you have a strong reason for taking more than 18 credits, you must complete an “Overload Request Form” and submit it to College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office in RBC 395 for consideration. We will let you know if an SOS petition is required given your number of credits and GPA.