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To complete any forms that are not fillable or in DocuSign, please do the following:

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader: Once downloaded, on the right, click the option to Fill & Sign (not Edit PDF).  This will allow you to enter the information on the form and sign it.  Then you’ll resave it and follow the procedure listed below.  

If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader: Once downloaded, you can print the form and fill it out.  Once you have done that, you need to scan it and follow the procedure listed below.


Withdrawal Form

To drop or withdraw from a course, click on the link above to obtain electronic signatures through DocuSign. Please check the deadlines on the Academic Calendar to determine whether your action is a drop or withdrawal ("W"). Online help for DocuSign is availabe via LTS.

College Change Petition

1. Send this form to your current Associate Dean first. This may require an email conversation or virtual meeting about transitioning to Business.

2. Once your current Associate Dean has signed it, they will send it to the College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office.

See our College Change Advising page regarding additional information and timelines for switching into Business.

To transition out of Business programs, please start the conversation with your Academic Advisor.

Degree Program Exception Approval Petition

Before completing a Degree Program Exception Approval Petition, please consult with your academic advisor. If, after consulting with your academic advisor, you choose to submit a petition, please click on the link above to obtain electronic signatures through DocuSign.

Dual Degree Petition

If you are submitting a Dual Degree Petition, please contact your academic advisor to begin the process.

Major Declaration Form - B.S. Business and Economics majors only

To declare your major, click on the link above to obtain an electronic signature through DocuSign. A notification will go to your academic advisor.

Overload Request Form

To take more than the allotted credits, click on the link above to obtain an electronic signature through DocuSign. A notification will go to your academic advisor. Please note that an SOS Petition may be required, depending on your GPA and number of credits requested. Please check this grid before submitting an overload request form.

Online Override Request

This is an online request form that is available during the registration periods to request access to classes with restrictions. LEHIGH SSO required - any personal Google account active in your browser window may result in denied access to the form. Try a private or incognito window in your browser or switch to a different browser, navigate to Inside Lehigh, and click on "Log In" under Connect Lehigh start a new SSO session.

Pass-Fail Grading Request Form

To select pass/fail grading, complete this form and send it to your academic advisor for signature. Pass/fail grading is only available on Free Elective coursework.

SOS Petition Form

1. Complete the SOS Petition Form, clearly articulating your request and rationale for your request.

2. Email your petition and any supporting documentation files IN ONE EMAIL to the instructor (if applicable) and your academic advisor or, requesting review and email recommendations from the instructor (if applicable). A single email is important so that all signatories see the same petition document(s).

3. Upon receipt of emailed recommendations from your instructor (if applicable) and your academic advisor, Associate Dean Rothman will advance your petition in its entirety to the SOS Committee for review.

4. Once SOS reviews your petition and makes a decision, the Dean of Students Office will send you the outcome via email as quickly as possible.

Transfer Credit Form

(For College of Business departmental transfer credit policies, click here.)

1. Send this form directly to the Lehigh department most closely related to the course you would like to take at another institution. Please note some departments have more specialized processes and restrictions, so you will need to research department-level policies when submitting this form.

2. Once the department reviews the form for content equivalencies, the form needs to be sent to RAS for final review. Note that RAS has final authority as to whether or not the credits will transfer to Lehigh.