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How to Declare a Major

Students in the BS in Business and Economics degree program are expected to declare a major before the end of the sophomore year.  You may declare a major anytime by simply clicking on this link to obtain an electronic signature through DocuSign. A notification will go to your academic advisor.
After your advisor signs your Major Declaration Form, the College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office will process the major declaration so that your major will be indicated on your degree audit and your new major department will be notified that you have declared.

How to Connect with Your Faculty Mentor

Once your major declaration has been processed, the coordinator in your new major department will send you an email to welcome you to your new major and let you know the name and contact information for the faculty member who will be your "faculty mentor".
While your academic advisor will help you plan your course schedule to ensure you achieve your graduation goals, your faculty mentor will be the "go to" person to help you learn more about your major field and the types of professional development experiences that can help you transition to your chosen field successfully after graduation.

Resources to Help You Decide on a Major

Aside from taking the 100-level introductory core courses in each major (which most students will do throughout their sophomore year), there are several ways you could explore majors to inform your choice, e.g.:
  • Attend a Major Orientation Session offered by each department to learn more about that major
  • Join a major club and network with current students within the major to learn about their major and what they plan to do after they graduate.  Business-related student organizations and leadership opportunities can be found here
  • Attend club events and other events related to your major.  A schedule of events (College of Business Week at a Glance) is emailed to you every Sunday by the College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office.
  • Meet with faculty who teach major courses to learn more about their major field, their research, and what career paths are available in the field.
  • Network with alumni at College of Business-sponsored events or through contacts you get from the Center for Career and Professional Development.
  • Make an appointment with a career coach in the Center for Career and Professional Development to help assess your strengths and interests and determine additional ways you could inform your choice.
  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss major options, academic paths, and general interests.

Double Majors

With some planning, a student can complete two majors for a BS degree.  The double major often entails credits beyond the 124 credit requirement for graduation, however it can usually be finished in four years.  Students must fulfill the requirements of each of the majors and a minimum of 10 courses (30 credits) between the two combined majors.  Students must declare a single major prior to declaring a second major and must meet a prerequisite GPA of 2.0 or higher.  To complete a double major, the student needs to declare both majors.  One major is considered the primary major for administrative purposes, but from the student's point of view, each major carries equal weight in the degree.

Dual Degrees

A student can also complete two degrees within different colleges at Lehigh.  The student must earn 30 credits beyond the degree with the fewer number of credits.  Additionally, the dual degree usually takes five years, but students can reduce the total time with AP credits or summer session courses.  Graduation and distribution requirements must be satisfied for both programs.  If you are interested in pursuing a dual degree and are already a student in the College of Business, please contact your academic advisor. If you are a student interested in a Dual Degree and are not currently a student in the College of Business, please email for assistance. 

Major Declaration FAQs

1. When do most BS in Business and Economics students declare their major?
Most BS in Business and Economics students will declare their major in the spring semester of their sophomore year after they’ve had a chance to take the 100-level introductory course in their chosen field.
2.  Why must we declare by the end of our sophomore year?
Most students will register spring of sophomore year to start their major courses in the fall of their junior year, so if you declare as a sophomore, you will have a chance to gain important information about your major curriculum before you register for major courses.  You can be better positioned to engage in major-related clubs and professional development as a junior, prior to seeking a major-related internship in the summer between your junior and senior year.
3. Is the process different for declaring a second (“double”) major?
No.  The process to declare the major is the same.
4. Is the process different if I decide to change my major?
No.  The process to change your major is the same.
5. How do I declare a minor?
To declare a minor, you need to contact the department directly and they will process that declaration.