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Honors Celebration


2020 College of Business Honors Celebration


Lehigh University


Virtual Honors Celebration 2020







We’ll start our award presentations to students being honored by the academic departments in which they have their major courses of study.




The Department of Accounting is proud to present the following 


Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Outstanding Senior Award

Given to a senior accounting major who has shown outstanding achievement in accounting and auditing:


Ryan Polizzi


The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Prize

Given to a senior who shines in academia, expresses a serious interest in accounting, and demonstrates a desire to continue in the accounting field.


Marley Cohen


Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Award

Presented in recognition of academic excellence and high morals


 Cate Shippee


 Robert H. Mills Outstanding Accounting Award


 Belinda Bell


Business Information Systems:

The Department of Decision and Technology Analytics is proud to present the following awards to majors in the Business Information Systems (BIS) major. 


The Philadelphia Philanthropic Society for Information Management Scholarship is given to a high-performing student majoring in an IT-related area in order to enable the education of bright young people in IT and to highlight the need to foster attention on bringing talented individuals into careers in computer science, systems, and technology. The Philadelphia Philanthropic Society of Information Management Foundation is a bridge to the community for the greater Philadelphia area Information Technology leaders. This year’s scholarship winner is:  

Carolyn Taylor


The Society of Information Management Future Leader Award winner this year is: 


Sydney Steiner





The Department of Economics is proud to present the following awards this year.


Richard H. Johnson Economics Prize

Given to a graduating senior majoring in economics who has had outstanding achievement in the study of economics.


Jeffrey Kirshenbaum


The Department of Economics also proudly recognizes the members of Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) Economics Honor Society:


Alexis Browne

Reed Cunningham

Allison Gleich

Rohail Khan

Isabel Mallavarapu

Haley Morris

Madison Staiman


Economics Department Honors are awarded to:


Derrik Bell

Alexis Browne

Allison Gleich

Conor O'Grady

Kira Stevenson

Alexander Woods


Perella Department of Finance:


The Perella Department of Finance is proud to recognize the following award winners this year. 


The Dreyfus Portfolio

For outstanding contribution to a student run investment portfolio


Austin Margulies


Geraldo Vasconcellos Thompson International Portfolio Award for outstanding contribution to run an international investment portfolio


 Benjamin Durkee




The Department of Management is proud to recognize the following award winners this year.  


The David A. Begelman Endowed Prize in the Department of Management


This prize is awarded to seniors in the Department of Management who are in good academic standing, exhibit a strong work ethic, are intellectually curious, and embrace life with enthusiasm.


Hira Awan


The Entrepreneurship Scholar Award is presented to a deserving scholar selected by the interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Curriculum Committee.  The Entrepreneurship Scholar Award winner this year is:


Kelsey Swikart




The Department of Marketing is proud to recognize the following award winners this year.


The Department of Marketing Achievement Award 

Awarded to a student who has a strong commitment to and demonstrated leadership toward improving the Marketing program outside of the classroom. 


Megan Rankin


The Department of Marketing Commendation Award for a Class Project/Paper  

Awarded to a project team which has demonstrated outstanding performance in a class project. Department faculty make nominations from the projects submitted in the prior two semesters, and award selection is made by the Marketing Dept. Chair.  


This year’s award goes to two teams.  Team members, when your name is called, please come to the front of the room for recognition and a photograph.


The first team is recognized for their paper entitled: 


Whole Moods Project

James Ball  

Brian Buzgo 

Ben Kabakow  

Peter Luba  

Gabriela Recalde  

Anneke Roy  

Andrew Youwakim


The second team is recognized for their paper entitled: 


Spin Cycle Project

Paula Grussi  

Phillip Hernandez  

Tamara Johnson  

Morgan McCuaig  

Kayla Rabin  

Dominique Voitek

Matt Wong


Lambda Mu Sigma Honorees   

Lambda Mu Sigma is an honor society that recognizes academic excellence among students in Lehigh’s Marketing Program.


Alexandra Ladda

Emily Preble

Haley Rothman

Carolyn Lovvoll

Madeline Gordon


Supply Chain Management:

The Department of Decision and Technology Analytics is proud to present the following awards to majors in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) major. 


Senior Supply Chain Management Scholar Award 

This prize is awarded to a senior in the Department of Management who is in good academic standing, exhibits a strong work ethic, is intellectually curious, and embraces life with enthusiasm.


Patrece Savino


Junior Supply Chain Management Scholar Award 

This prize is awarded to a junior in the Department of Management who is in good academic standing, exhibits a strong work ethic, is intellectually curious, and embraces life with enthusiasm.

 Madison Staiman


SCM Professor Award 

This award is given to the supply chain management student who has made a strong commitment to and has demonstrated leadership toward improving the SCM program outside of the classroom. 

Christine Balestra


Thank you to our academic departments for taking the opportunity to recognize the achievement of these department honorees.




We will now celebrate those recognized for College of Business awards.  We are proud to recognize both students and faculty who have demonstrated excellence, both inside and outside the classroom.  


We will start with awards that recognize the accomplishments of our students beyond the classroom.


Rauch Center for Business Communication:


Our first recognition will honor students under the guidance of our Rauch Center for Business Communication (RCBC).  Students who served as Communication Consultants, as members of our inaugural Peller Data Analytics Case Competition Team, and as T.R.A.C. Fellow Coordinators for T.R.A.C. Fellows supporting Business Communications courses will be recognized.


Communication Consultants provide guidance and support for College of Business students who wish to improve their communication skills or succeed in their class assignments that involve writing, public speaking, and visual design. These Consultants are the inaugural cohort, and have worked to shape the program's future. They adapted quickly to meet the needs of distance learners in the spring 2020 semester by transforming in-person tutorials to online consultations through Zoom and email. The Communication Consultants were ready to assist their peers as soon as courses moved online. 


Grant Kim

Lili Tang

Xinyi Cui

Erin Tressler


The Peller Data Analytics Case Competition Team works together to learn analytics and communication skills that will make them competitive on the job market and in intercollegiate competitions. The executive team honored here has led team meetings, set priorities, and successfully maintained the momentum of the team by moving activities online during the spring 2020 semester. The team is preparing to win competitions in the year ahead. Students are supported by a generous grant from Philip R. Peller '60.


Surge Zhu (co-captain)

Candy Deng (co-captain)

Michelle Seagull (secretary)


T.R.A.C. Fellow Awards.  T.R.A.C. or “Technology, Research, and Communication” Fellows are selected by means of a highly selective application process to work as peer tutors. Fellows assist students with all phases of the writing process, consult with faculty on assignment design, and help with library and database research and the use of educational technology.   T.R.A.C. Lead Fellows are responsible for coordinating the efforts across all 25+ T.R.A.C. Fellows across our introductory Business or “BUS” courses.  


Alexis Browne (lead fellow, fall 2019)

Lana Butorovic (lead fellow, spring 2020)


Lehigh Business Undergraduate Councils:


We are proud to recognize the College of Business Undergraduate Councils, groups of student leaders in each class who demonstrated active interest to get involved and make the College of Business experience even better for our College of Business students. Councils meet regularly with Dean Zalatan to provide advice on many aspects of our undergraduate programs. 


Lehigh Business Sophomore Council


Shannon Boyce

Lana Butorovic

Justin Choi

Victor Cochrane

Candy Deng

Evan Edelstein

Cate Glackin

Matthew Hom

Andrew  Kam

Isabella King

Robby Lanni

Hannah Leland

Jungle Li

Rachel Liu

Seho Myung

Rachel Oppenheimer

Julia Patridge

Matthew Riel

Jack Schnall

Margot Schwartz

Max Serventi

Lauren Sgro

John Steitz

Lili Tang


Lehigh Business Junior Council


Hira Awan

Alexis Browne

Andrew Fedun 

Chloe Fung

Jacquelyn Gage

Max Goldenberg

Natalie Herr

Matthew Hornung

Alec Krueger

Jenny Lin

Julia May

Skyler McCabe

Alyssa Nadler

Meghan Reynolds

Nicole Sparacio

Madison Staiman

Zachary Troxell

Paige Zytkowicz


Lehigh Business Senior Council


Andrew Caragher

Tiffany Chan

Jeffery Chen

Reed Cunningham

Palmer Ferrara

Abby Gabriel

Paige Galiani

Bridget Kelly

Michael Maguire

Rosie Morrissey

Cammi Nalesnik

Gen Nickerson

Will Pemberton

Ryan Polizzi

Dayshia Rene

Patrece Savino

Matthew Steelman


Undergraduate Programs Scholarships:


We now turn to celebrate students who have been awarded scholarships to pursue learning experiences that engage them outside the classroom -  to explore, learn, and grow in new ways. These awards are supported through the generosity of those who recognize the value of linking theory to practice to develop the leaders of our future.


Harold S. Geneen Scholarships celebrate the shared commitment of the Geneen Charitable Trust and Lehigh’s College of Business to celebrate two rising seniors who hold promise to contribute to strong corporate governance and ethics in business, upon the recommendation of advisors, faculty, and work supervisors. Scholars are rising seniors with outstanding academic accomplishment, demonstrated leadership, a strong work ethic, and interest in corporate governance and business ethics.  This year’s Geneen Scholars are:


Amanda Baran

Jenny Lin

Carolyn Taylor


Tauck Scholarships are awarded in the College of Business every fall to support international experiences abroad the following summer.  This year, the Tauck Committee is proud to recognize 7 students. They were nominated on the basis of scholarship and chosen via a rigorous selection process:  


Katie Eyring  

Alexa Grill

James Hadinger

Meghan Murphy

Julia Pardee 

Mikhaila Zacharia 

Brian Zhao


THE NELSON LEIGHTON BOND MEMORIAL PRIZE is a college award given to an outstanding sophomore on the basis of character, leadership, and scholastic achievement in the College of Business.  These year’s Bond Prize winners are:


Mary Clougherty

Matthew Hornung

Jenny Lin 

Skyler McCabe

Julia Pardee 

Carolyn Taylor 

Zachary Troxell

Peter Woltersdorf

Paige Zytkowicz




Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society serving business programs accredited by AACSB International, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International anywhere in the world.


The mission of the International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business, to cultivate and celebrate leadership and professional excellence, to advance the values of the Society, and to serve its lifelong members.


Undergraduates can be inducted into the Lehigh University Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma in either their junior or senior year at Lehigh. Juniors and seniors in each of our three undergraduate business degrees are nominated every spring, and must rank in the top 10% of their degree's class cohort.  Beta Gamma Sigma’s mission is supported by four objectives.


  • First, we encourage and honor high academic achievement by students of business through chapters in business programs accredited by AACSB International. At Lehigh, we honor academic achievement in each of our three undergraduate business degrees: the BS in Business and Economics; the BS in Computer Science and Business; and the BS in Integrated Business and Engineering.

  • Second, we develop Beta Gamma Sigma members as students and professional leaders, and celebrate continuing leadership and excellence.

  • Third, we foster in Beta Gamma Sigma members an enduring commitment to the founding principles and values of the Society:  honor and integrity, pursuit of wisdom, earnestness, and service.

  • And lastly, we strive to connect Beta Gamma Sigma student and alumni members to each other and to opportunities in their professional lives.


We start by extending our sincerest thanks to our undergraduate student officers of the Lehigh Chapter of Beta Gamma this year.  These student leaders have demonstrated the values of Beta Gamma Sigma in ways ranging from welcoming new first-year students in the fall to recognizing new Beta Gamma Sigma nominees and forging the transition to new membership and student leadership next year: 


President: Brandon Santos 

Vice President Alumni Relations: Andrew Caragher

Vice President Finance: Linh Phuong Pham 

Vice President Programming: Rosie Morrissey 

Vice President Membership/PR: Bridget Kelly 


On behalf of the College of Business , Senior Associate Dean Paul Brockman, President of the College of Business’s Beta Gamma Sigma, and Associate Dean Katrina Zalatan, Lehigh’s Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter Advisor, congratulate the undergraduates being inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma this year and welcome them to our Lehigh University Chapter:  


Hira Awan

Christine Balestra

Amanda Baran

Mary Clougherty

Carly Cozzolino

Devin Crowley

Jacquelyn Gage

Claudia Hanover

Matthew Hornung

Aisha Kumar

Jenny Lin

Ashley Linehan

Charlotte Maria

Skyler McCabe

Michelle Nissan

Christopher Pento

William Peracchio

Shikhar Raj

Luke Resnick

Patrece Savino

Alexis Smith

Remington Smith

Nicole Sparacio

Madison Staiman

Beulah Stillman

Carolyn Taylor

Thuy Anh Tran

Peter Woltersdorf

Remi Ziff

Paige Zytkowicz




We will now turn to recognize the College of Business faculty who have been honored this year by the College of Business Community with awards for their excellence.  


Award winners were nominated by students within the College of Business and selected by a College of Business Faculty Awards Selection Committee consisting of past teaching award winners, staff, and students.   We recognize faculty with awards for mentorship, teaching, and overall faculty excellence.


College of Business Mentorship Excellence Award:  Professor Joseph Manzo


Professor Manzo is a faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional mentorship many times to many students.  Nominees shared several examples of how he cares about them and their success beyond the classroom.  Students raved about his active engagement with the Accounting Club, the trips he organized to New York, and how he advertises events and career opportunities so students know about them and can get engaged.  He was also lauded by many for being “always open to giving career advice” and for helping to “mentor me through my majors, minor, and job applications.” Students also praised how he helped them work their way through decisions, even noting “...when I was having trouble deciding what internship to take and he went through all the pros and cons with me and helped me come to my final decision. Without Professor Manzo I never would have majored in accounting.”  Another student simply summarized, “Great guy! Love this dude!” Congratulations, Professor Manzo, for winning the College of Business Faculty Mentorship Award this year!


College of Business Teaching Excellence Award:  Professor Robert Duquette and Professor Frank Gunter


Professor Robert Duquette is recognized as a faculty member who teaches a wide variety of courses and always brings his strong professional experience to the classroom to enrich students’ preparation.  His nominations abounded with references to his talent for bringing the “real world” to the classroom. Said one student, “Professor Duquette wants nothing but to help his students succeed, and learn more about the tax law in ways that will allow them to participate in and be relevant to conversations once they become young professionals. Every time Professor Duquette sees me studying in Rauch, he goes out of his way to sit down with me and have conversations about my future career, or shaping events that occurred in his career. He truly goes out of his way to help his students become more conversationally relevant, and is willing to do what it takes to see them succeed.”  Others lauded the design of his courses and the extent to which he brought guest professionals to classes to share their experiences. In the words of one nominator, “I have never had a professor who was as passionate and excited about the subject as Professor Duquette. He always made me feel like he genuinely cared about the well being of his students and wanted them to grasp the material for real world application. He is compassionate, enthusiastic and made the class enjoyable. Having a professor who really cared about his students made me motivated to do well.” Congratulations, Professor Duquette, for winning the College of Business Teaching Excellence Award this year!


Professor Frank Gunter is also being honored with a College of Business Faculty Excellence Award this year.  Many students praised his deep knowledge and his gift for making the complex easy to understand and enjoyable - “the perfect mix of being serious while also making the course fun.”  Another student described, “I had [Professor Gunter’s] class at 7:55AM and always looked forward to listening to him teach. He captured my attention (along with many others I know) for the whole semester, and he did so in style. You’ll always find him equipped with a diet coke and an eagerness to teach every single class.”  Students also praised the important connections Professor Gunter helped them see. As one student noted, “Professor Gunter took my knowledge of economics and made it real for me. Concepts that did not make sense to me were clarified in ways that apply to the real world. Gunter knew what would interest his students, so he incorporated history and business into his lectures. He introduced a new perspective for my economic experience, and I continue to use these teachings in my day-to-day decision making.”  Another student appeared to summarize the sentiments of many, simply noting, “I strongly believe Professor Gunter is the best teacher I have and ever will have.” Congratulations, Professor Gunter, for winning the College of Business Teaching Excellence Award this year!


The Robert and Christine Staub Faculty Excellence Award:  Professor Catherine Ridings


Since 2004, the College of Business  has proudly recognized one faculty member every year with the Robert and Christine Staub Faculty Excellence Award.  Included among past winners are Professors Parveen Gupta, Ken Sinclair, Nandu Nayar, Bob Trent, Zach Zacharia, Frank Gunter, Mike Santoro, Marina Puzakova, and Liuba Belkin.  


We are proud to recognize Professor Catherine (Cathy) Ridings as our Staub Award winner this year.  


As a professor who teaches upper-level Business Information Systems (BIS) courses, Professor Ridings is described as one who teaches “difficult” courses, but she is also described as a professor who clearly dedicates “a lot of effort and time” to be sure students understand the important languages and concepts in her courses.  She is described as “patient” and “always available,” even responding to student emails late at night. Professor Ridings is also lauded as an instructor who helps students go deeper. As one student notes, “Most importantly, instead of just showing students how to write the code, Professor Ridings explains every logic behind the code and certain structures. She is one of the most dedicated professors I have met at Lehigh.”


Beyond her incredible commitment to her teaching, Professor Ridings has also led significant, impactful change in the College of Business.  As the inaugural, interim chair of the new Decision and Technology Analytics (DATA) Department, Professor Ridings led efforts to ensure curricula that moved the program forward - curricula that are relevant and rigorous enough to prepare students for the “exploding change” and opportunities that technology and data bring to business.  Under her leadership, there are “more BIS classes” and opportunities for students to gain critical skills in business analytics. As a teacher and an administrator, Professor Ridings has significantly impacted the development and future success of many students in BIS and across majors. 


Congratulations, Professor Ridings, for being recognized as our 2020 Robert and Christine Staub Faculty Award winner!




Our final recognition at our College of Business Honors Celebration is to recognize those business juniors and seniors who will be honored by the University this year for their academic excellence, earning a cumulative GPA of 3.6 and above.    


Congratulations, honor students - you make the College of Business proud!


Justin Angelel

Hira Awan

Samuel Axel

Matthew Bahr

Christine Balestra

Lauren Ballerini

Amanda Baran

Marisa Ben-Yishay

Bridget Beyer

Iman Braich

Alexis Browne

Camryn Buhr

Rachel Buonasora

Samuel Bupp

Julia Burakovsky

Lauren Busardo

Jack Byers

Adriana Caceres Ruiz Diaz

Abigail Capin

Andrew Caragher

Lyle Chamberlain

Chantel Chan

Samuel Chebruch

Evan Chinman

Luke Christman

Eric Cichocki

Mary Clougherty

Jordan Cohen

Marley Cohen

Dylan Condon

Victoria Connolly

James Conte

Sean Conway

Kate Cotter

Carly Cozzolino

Devin Crowley

Reed Cunningham

Phan Ha Dao

Yawen Deng

Matthew Dolce

Christian Doms

Elizabeth Drobiz

Benjamin Durkee

Ryan Elsabeh

Daniel Fajardo

Andrew Fedun

Katharine Ferguson

Palmer Ferrara

Romy Finkel

Jessica Fitter

Sophia Flanagan

Kieran Flynne

Ann Foley

Nicholas Fox

Zachary Freeman

Chloe Fung

Abby Gabriel

Conor Gaffney

Jacquelyn Gage

Paige Galiani

Yuwei Gao

Jeremy Garber

Sophia Garland

Jonathan Glickman

Abbey Goldenberg

Madeline Gordon

Demetri Greco

Demetri Greco

Ryan Groves

Daniel Grumbles

Francisco Enrique Gutierrez Aza

Pete Haffner

Matthew Hamati

Matthew Hand

Claudia Hanover

Melanie Haughey

Lenke Mila Havas

Harry Hawkes

Melissa Henry

Matthew Herwig

Kenneth Honer

Matthew Hornung

Kristen Hoy

Tiancong Huang

Avery Humphries

Sara Israel

Annika Jansa

Xinyi Jiang

Xiaming Jin

Jonathan Kanzler

Bridget Kelly

Parker Kent

Lisa Kestelboym

Wesley Klinvex

Pierre Klur

Jacob Knotek

Alexander Koby

Ivan Kok

Charles Kornberger

Kinga Kuczynski

Aisha Kumar

Julie Kurens

Alexandra Ladda

Srini Laliwala

Matthew Lamm

Stephanie Laugeni

Conor Leahy

Grace Lee

Spencer Leuba

Jenny Lin

Ashley Linehan

Ashley Linehan

Xingchen Liu

Yanzhe Ma

Alexandra Machlis

Michael Maguire

Isabel Mallavarapu

Andrew Mallett

Joseph Manning

Austin Margulies

Charlotte Maria

Ian Marshall

Jake Martin

Juan Gabriel Martin-Dyer

Sarah Mascioli

Julia May

Carl Mazzara

Skyler McCabe

Lucy McGinty

Griffin Middleton

Charles Miner

Haley Morris

Rose Morrissey

Alyssa Nadler

Cammi Nalesnik

Genevieve Nickerson

Michelle Nissan

Nicholas Norris

Theo Olsen

John Ott

Julia Pardee

Randall Parker

William Pemberton

Christopher Pento

William Peracchio

Linh Phuong Pham

Neekta Pico

Alyssa Plodwick

Christopher Pollan

William Powers

Rebecca Price

Owen Quinn

Erin Racano

Shikhar Raj

Forest Reichert

Dayshia Rene

Luke Resnick

Polina Riabkova

Daniel Rivera

Laura Roland

Maria Rooney

Jonathan Rovitz

Joshua Rutzick

Jessica Sandoe

Brandon Santos

Patrece Savino

Jared Scharf

Dylan Scheidle

Alexander Schiffman

John Schinto

Logan Schneider

Morgan Schurr

Allena Schwartz

Katie Shih

Shawn Silverman

Carolyn Simmet

Nicholas Sireci

Lindsay Slavit

Alexis Smith

Sophie Smith

Dean Sobel

Miriam Soriano Gregorio

Nolan Sornson

Paige Sottosanti

Ana Spangenberg

Nicole Sparacio

Jonathan Spinnell

Madison Staiman

Matthew Steelman

Beulah Stillman

Nova Stoller

Ian Taggart

Phacharapol Tanasarnsopaporn

Katelyn Taylor

Carolyn Taylor

Kelly To

Thuy Anh Tran

Zachary Troxell

Chun-yao Tseng

Caroline Tully

Nicole Vaccarella

Alexis van Ooyen

Zachary Vinik

Maggie Wadsworth

Fangyi Wang

Junming Wang

Shimeng Wang

Ruifan Wang

Sidonie Warnecker

Jordan Weintraub

Jack Wheatley

Jillian Wolfson

Peter Woltersdorf

Tianke Wu

Matthew Yagel

Fan Yang

Zhijian Yang

Jiaming Yao

Chaofan Ye

Xinyan Zhang

Yuzhi Zhang

Zhongrui Zhang

Xinyu Zhao

Yujie Zhou

Shengli Zhu

Remi Ziff

Dean Zimberg

Daniela Zito

Harry Zuckerman

Paige Zytkowicz