Student Council

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The College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office engages student leaders on councils to help advise and continuously improve many aspects of the undergraduate experience.  Please stop by the College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office or connect with current student leaders to learn more about the various councils and how you can get engaged.
College of Business Senior Council (Fall 2020)
Hira Awan
Amanda Baran
Mary Clougherty
Andrew Fedun  
Jacquelyn Gage
Matthew Hornung
Jenny Lin
Julia May
Skyler McCabe
Julia Pardee
Nicole Sparacio
Madison Staiman
Zachary Troxell
Paige Zytkowicz
College of Business Junior Council (Fall 2020)
Shannon Boyce
Soren Johanns Bugtong
Lana Butorovic
Justin Choi
Evan Edelstein
Matthew Gunton
Melissa Hertzberg
Robert Lanni
Matthew Riel
Jack Schnall
Max Serventi
Lauren Sgro
Lili Tang
Nicholas Zouras
College of Business Sophomore Council (Fall 2020)
Trevor Ballingall
Maia Drugmand
Armin Dubert
John Hatfield
Frances Hottinger
Thaddeus Janowski
Elizabeth Kunkov
Anthony LaBruna
Sean McKenna
Eileen Porterfield
Carolyn Reagan
Juan Carlos Santamaria
Maanik Singh
Benjamin Szmodis
Benjamin Wainfan
Olivia Wood