TRAC Fellows Help CBE Students Make the Grade

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Business leaders are looking for communicators

While the job search may seem a long time away for our first year students, it’s important to understand that many skills are required to create the well-rounded business leader. As firms today conduct their annual college recruiting, they are looking beyond a candidate’s business acumen to other skills that are necessary to be successful. Top on their list is communications skills, specifically the ability to write in a clear, concise manner. 

The TRAC (Technology, Research, and Communication) Writing Fellows Program at Lehigh University is committed to promoting a campus-wide culture in which writing and communication in its many forms are central to learning. Founded in 2008, the program has grown to impact nearly 4,000 students in eight years.

TRAC Fellows are peer writing tutors who read and respond with written feedback to drafts of student work; they do not grade papers or play any role in the assignment of grades. Fellows are trained in a 4-credit course that includes theories and pedagogies on writing and communication, library and database research, oral presentation skills, and instructional technology. The TRAC Fellow is a student resource that has been built into the curriculum of several introductory business classes, including BUS 001. Each TRAC Fellow works with a cohort of 15-20 students.

First year students will be introduced to the TRAC Fellow program during their first Friday recitation of BUS 001. The CBE is proud of the 27 CBE students who represent the College as TRAC Fellows. Please join us in thanking our TRAC Fellows for all of the hard work they do to make our CBE students into strong writers!